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Aegean miles and bonus changes status levels

24th Nov 2014

aegean miles bonus changes

Aegean Airlines has changed its Miles and Bonus Frequent Flyer scheme, which will have a major impact on many travellers who pool miles from other Star Alliance airlines in the Aegean loyalty program because of its very low status bonuses.

From 24th November 2014, the goals for the easy, almost too-good-to-be-true route to Star Alliance Gold have been changed.

To reach Miles and Bonus Gold level you will now need 24,000 miles within 12 months (which has to include at least 4 Aegean or Olympic flights) or 48,000 miles regardless of the airline flown, however this is on top of silver, meaning that from scratch you need 36,000 status miles including at least 6 Aegean or Olympic Airlines segments, or a huge 72,000 status miles with Star Alliance Airlines. To put that into context, the gold standard of Gold Star Alliance is Lufthansa's Miles&More Senator Status, which needs 100,000 status miles in a given calendar year.

Gold Status with Aegean was highly valued in the Frequent Flyer community, because it offered, among other perks:

Silver can now be attained after 12,000 miles within 12 months (including at least 4 Aegean or Olympic flights) or 24,000 miles with Star Alliance Airlines, however it does not offer as many perks, and there is no lounge access.

Previously Aegean Blue (which had Star Alliance Silver status) required 4,000 status miles and then you had 12 months to collect 16,000 status miles to be upgraded to Gold.

Annual re-qualification now takes 24,000 miles for Star Alliance Gold retention, however this is a change from the previous 'gold status for life', whereby gold status never expired, and previously unpublished perk.

Up until now you only having to take one Star Alliance flight every 3 years to keep it Gold status, without ever actually flying on Aegean.



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