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Seat Changes at British Airways

25th Sep 2009

british airways seat charges

British Airways passengers will have to pay to choose their seats before they travel.

The charges will affect those seeking to ensure they sit together on a flight and anyone with a preference for window, aisle or emergency exit seats. Prices range from £10 per person for European economy flights, to £60 for long haul trips in business class.

There have been howls of protest from the frequent flier community, but British Airways said seat charges will give customers "more control over their seating options". The airline currently allows passengers to reserve seats in the 24 hours prior to departure.

The new charge - aimed at passengers wanting to reserve seats earlier than this - will be £20 on long-haul economy or short flights in business class, while a seat in an emergency exit row will cost £50. This can be booked between 10 and four days before take-off.

BA is still giving some people the chance to reserve their seat for free in the 24 hours before departure, but if you aren't quick enough off the mark, you could find yourself sitting on the other side of the plane from your family or partner. The move comes as the airline attempts to bolster its balance sheet after a £401m loss in the last financial year. And it follows BA's decision to cut luggage allowances and abolish free meals on short flights.



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