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Qantas Frequent Flyer changes hit Status Credits

26th Oct 2015

qantas frequent flyer changes

Qantas is to shake up its Frequent Flyer scheme again, with major cuts to status credits and Business Class earning ability on many routes.

From December, Qantas will change the way Status Credits are earned, and use zones on a geographical basis to determine status credits, rather than 'as the crow flies' distance.

It follows changes to the scheme introduced in 2014.

However Qantas are taking the changes introduced then to a further extreme, and cutting earning on carriers that are not Qantas, when Qantas is in competition on the route. The moral is clear: book with a Qantas codeshare.

Cabin class bonuses been axed, and instead when you fly in classes other than economy, you get an extra helping of points rolled into the base rate of each category.

Partner Airline Changes

The biggest change is earning on British Airways. Clearly, since the end of the decades old agreement between BA and QF, earning British Airways miles on Qantas is seen as not the done thing. A British Airways Premium Economy flight from London to Hong Kong used to earn over 6,500 points. Now it earns just 1,475, as Premium Economy no longer earns any extra bonus over regular economy.

There is a huge status hit if you travel in Premium Classes of Malaysia Airlines, and Qatar Airways, however the number of points actually increases.

Business Class flights on Qatar and Malaysia now only earn at the 'flexible economy' rate, and first class earns at Business Class rates.

A Qatar flight from Doha to Perth in Business used to earn 4352 and 120 SCs. Now it will earn 5,800 and 60SCs.

A flight on Malaysia Airlines in Business from London to Kuala Lumpur now earns only 6,500 points and 60 SCs. It used to earn 4,918 and 80SCs. Book it on the AA codeshare however, and you'll earn 120SCs and 8,125 points.

However it is Economy flights that take a hit on Iberia and Alaska Airlines. A cheap economy ticket from Madrid to London used to earn 773 points, now it's just 275. However the 15SCs is unchanged, unless again you book under the AA codeshare in which case you'll earn a whopping 500 points.

Qantas Status Credit changes

Status Credits also take a hit if you fly on BA, with a sharp reduction between Europe and Asia. Using the same example from LHR to HKG, you now only earn 30 SCs on BA, compared to 40 before. However in the same Premium Economy on Cathay Pacific, you now earn 60 SCs compared to 40 before. However on the same route, Business on BA now earns 120 SCs, compared to 80 before the December Change.

Qantas Status Credit changes

AirlineClassFromToOld MilesOld SCNew MilesNew SC
QFDiscn EconSYDHKG260030n/cn/c
CXDiscn EconSYDHKG229115225015
QFPrem EconSYDHKG650060n/cn/c
CXPrem EconSYDHKG504030495030
CXDiscn EconLHRHKG299620295030
BADiscn EconLHRHKG149820147530
CXPrem EconLHRHKG659140650060
BAPrem EconLHRHKG659140147530

Qantas have updated their earnings calculator to reflect the changes.

In other news QF FF, Qantas Frequent Flyer members will no longer earn points at Woolworths, Big W, BWS and Cellarmasters from 2016.



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